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We Are Hiring

We're hiring dog walkers for Andersonville & Edgewater neighborhoods.

Our service area is Devon to Ravenswood to Lawrence to Sheridan.

Our team earns a fixed rate per 25 min visit (approx $18/hr + tips & after hours extra pay).

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm w/ shift flexibility.

Cat sitting opportunities too!

Check out current & past team testimonials below!

Da Vinci Paws, Chicago, Andersonville, dog walking client Curry Jack, King Charles Cavelier Spaniel, senior dog

"I enjoy working for Da Vinci Paws because I get to spend time with amazing animals that I know are loved. Each time I arrive to pick up a dog for their walk and see their tail wagging, I am reminded how much I appreciate this job. You receive so much unconditional love from these animals, and it’s wonderful that you can give their pet parents the reassurance that their babies will be well taken care of."

Cristina - dog walker, cat sitter, dog sitter

Da Vinci Paws, Chicago, Andersonville, dog walking client Kesha, Pitty/Pitbull Mix

"Being a dog walker with Da Vinci Paws was such a fun job. The clients are all so great and I fell in love with countless dogs. I loved the flexibility in the schedule and being able to get exercise while working. It was also fun to pet sit and do cat visits. This allowed me to bond with some of the paws even more. There is such a variety in the dogs and cats that Da Vinci Paws walks and takes care of, so it was never a boring job and was often fulfilling as their personalities came out and they grew more comfortable with me."

Angi - dog walker, dog sitter, admin

Da Vinci Paws, Chicago, Edgewater, dog walking client Jelly Bean and Naaz, Rottweilers, Rottweiler, Rottie mixes

"I've been walking for Da Vinci Paws since January of 2022 and it is a great company to work for. The job is very straightforward thanks to the amount of information provided to walkers to ensure they understand clients' expectations and the different facets and behaviors of their dogs. Tina is also a very good boss who is willing and able to both support and accommodate walkers when needed. That's not something that is always a given nowadays so I'm grateful that is the environment at Da Vinci."

Sam - dog walker

Da Vinci Paws, Chicago, Edgewater, dog walking client Ezra & Reggie, black labrador, lab, english lab, pitty, pitbull, staffie

"Working for Da Vinci Paws is an great part time job where you can meet awesome pets and their parents. It's an ideal way to earn additional income while enjoying the outdoors and getting in your steps. Tina the owner of DVP was very accommodating to make your walks fit your schedule."

Jeff - dog walker

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